Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hair care tips-hair growth nutrients and best foods for healthy hair

 Feed your Hair

hair growth nutrients

           Hair needs certain nutrients to grow long and healthy.A well -balanced diet can add essential vitamins, minerals and proteins to help your hair grow faster.

Hair Growth Nutrients

Hair Growth nutrients

Essential vitamins minerals and amino acids needed for healthy hair growth

      3.B Vitamins
      6.Folic Acid

Make Hair Grow Faster

Hair Grow Faster


           Most people grow about 6 inches of hair per year.Slow hair growth can be caused by a vitamin deficiency, but hair can grow up Twice as fast when the body is getting  enough vitamins and amino acids.

Best Foods For Healthy Hair

Best foods for healthy hair

 Supplement healthy foods with a daily hair vitamin

1.Eggs-is the best and excellent source of biotin and vitamin B-12
2.Legumes-Beans,peas,peanuts and other legumes contain iron and zinc.
3.Veggies-dark green veggies supply iron and vitamins.
4.Salmon-Hign in protein and healthy Omega-3 FATS.