Sunday, March 23, 2014

8 Prom Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair 2014

Looking for medium length prom hair?You finally have your dress, your shoes, your accessories and your make up all planned out,now you need just one more thing to be prom-ready — your hair! 

When it comes to prom hairstyles for medium hair, think a little differently. You could find your favorite celebrity hairstyle on the red carpet and try to replicate it.  

Check out these prom hairstyles for medium hair: 

Twisted Updo

Heidi Klum Generous Cool Twisted Updo is a excellent solution for your style if you have medium length so don’t forget to checkout this unique prom hairstyle.
prom twisted updo

French Twist 

A classy style.You don’t always have to have wave and curls to have a prom/formal hairstyle.Sometime simple is more, and always remember choose a hairstyle that suit your face shape.Simple prom updos for Medium Hair.

prom french twist

Easy Messy Chignon

First apply mousse on damp hair, leave it dry naturally and go on styling desired up-do.Classy messy chignon prom hairstyle for medium length.

easy prom hairstyle

Curly Romantic Updo

Julianne Hough's curly,romantic medium hair can be done even if you have straight hair.It works great with blonde hair or any hair color.

prom updo hairstyles

Lady Bug Bun

Elegant buns and swoops are a timeless prom look.You’ll never look back and feel like it’s outdated – this one is classic! Short Bob Hairstyles with Bangs are perfect prom hairstyle idea for African American girl who loves low side buns for medium length to short hair.

side bun prom hairstyles

Retro Chic

Vintage elegant look for prom or any special occasions.Recently retro hairstyles are of great popularity especially among celebs and beauty bunnies with medium length hair.

medium retro prom hairstyles

Bouncy Curls

Garcelle Beauvais pumped up the volume on her glossy locks and added loads of loose,bouncy curls.
curly hairstyles for prom

Curly Cutie

You can add soft layers to medium hair to boost the volume and movement of your tresses.Cute prom updo for curly hair with medium length hair.

Why don’t you go with curly hair just like Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez did to their hair. It’s great to wear as daily hairstyle for school. And with some simple steps you can create an elegant but cute up-do for formal events like prom.
prom curly updo for medium hair

Thursday, March 20, 2014

4 Easy Half Up Hairstyles You Can Do in Less than 5 Minutes

When I seriously got into doing my hair and latest styles,i don’t prefer to spend a lot of time on my hair.Easy Hairstyles that don't require a lot of time or styling aids are just what a girl needs to survive all those bad hair days.
As a result I believed it could be fun to present a round up for all you ladies that really have only 5 minutes.
Easy hairstyles that can be done in less than 5 minutes means it takes less than 5 min.

Prepare yourself to look stunning with our 4 easy half up hairstyles.Learn how to create easy ,amazing and perfect half up half down hairstyles !


half up hairstyle

Half up Dutch Braid

Half Up Dutch braid is a hairstyle that appears to be hard to create but is deceptively easy .It is simply an inverted French braid ;you just braid strands under instead of over one another .For those who have mastered the French braid and would like to try something new ,try these steps for an easy Half Up Dutch Side Braid hairstyle.

How To: Style a Half-Up Dutch Braid Tutorial.

Half up Dutch Side Braid

Half up French Braid

This simple,elegant but easy half up side French Braid hairstyle is perfect for long to medium length hair.

How To : Style a Half-Up Side French Braid Tutorial

Half Up French Braid hairstyle

Twisted Half

This easy twist hairstyle takes no more than five minutes to achieve, yet it is infinitely more special than your standard half-up look.

How To : Style a Twisted half up half down Tutorial.Get the step-by-step Twisted half up half down hairstyle and Make A Half Up Half Down For Your Hair. 

Twisted half up half down

Half up Criss Cross

It is easy and cute and can be dressed up and down.  It can be worn with most types of hair, but if your hair is too short it probably won’t work.
It is easy and cute and can be dressed up and down.  It can be worn with most types of hair, but if your hair is too short it probably won’t work.
It is easy and cute and can be dressed up and down.  It can be worn with most types of hair, but if your hair is too short it probably won’t work.

It is easy and cute and can be dressed up and down .It can be used with most types of hair ,however if your hair is too short it probably won’t work . We called it the criss-cross half up do . 

How To : Get the step-by-step half up Criss cross hairstyle easily.

1. Tease the hair 

2. Pompador on the crown 

3. Twist a piece of hair across, pin on the other side

4. Repeat on the other side 

5. Continue twisting until you've reached the look you want.

criss cross hairstyle

Half Up hairstyle for Curly hair

Short and curly hair can rock a half up half down look too! Curly Side Waterfall Braid is perfect example for Half Up hairstyle.

How to: How to do Curly Side Waterfall Braid

Curly half up hairstyle

Friday, March 14, 2014

6 Amazing Honey Blonde Hair Colors

Probably the most widely used hair color idea is the "Honey blond hair"
No matter what the season of the year or even the occasion is .The honey blonde hair color produces an attractive and cheerful edge look and it will work great on a mousy and light brown hair .
In case you’re certainly one of the lucky girls with this type of hair then listed below are some honey blonde hair color ideas for you !

Honey Blonde

Honey Bronde Hair Color! The perfect combination of golden blonde and brown hues. 

Honey Bronde Hair Color

Honey Brown

Rich honey brown shade with caramel highlights.So pretty.

honey brown shade highlights

Super warm brown with a few bright highlights.Highlights this summer, any opinions would be great choice.

warm brown with a few bright highlights

Honey Brown Hair Color 

Honey Brown Hair color has always been in fashion. Together with the beauty of the girl has been wonderful.

Honey Brown Hair color

Medium Blonde  

Honey brown is a rich medium brown full of warm overtones and topped with a swirl of honey.This works exceptionally well on women with warm skin, but cool skinned ladies don't be afraid to try it out.

medium honey blonde hair color

Dark Honey Blonde

They use caramel and honey shades to customize their hair color to their warm skin. Brown hair to blonde hair for warm skin tones.Caramel blonde is the absolute best color you can choose simply because caramel naturally has brown blended into it. These hints of brown are exactly what you need to match your hair to your skin tone.  
Lots of Peekaboo highlights! we should do something similar with caramel and blonde!

dark honey blonde hair color idea,Peekaboo highlights

Golden Honey Blonde 

Rose Gold Blonde Blake Lively mixes golden,honey, and apricot hues to create the multidimensional color. She finishes with nearly ivory highlights around the front to brighten her face. Because the lowlights underneath are prone to fading. 

Golden Honey Blonde hair

Sunday, March 9, 2014

12 Flattering Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Caramel highlights are fashionable and versatile .Especially ,for those who have hair of bit deeper shades ,the caramel tone will come out perfect on you .Many celebs have flaunted caramel highlights on the red carpets ,which has boosted the trend ,even more, for caramel highlights .

If caramel highlights are done as lowlights ,which means that 2 or 3 shades darker than your natural hair color , it generates a beautiful noticeable and attractive look .

The list below of 12 Dark Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights pictures can help you decide the style in which you wish to get caramel highlights on your hair .

Color Roots

Medium brown hair color works best for bob/straight hair with caramel highlights.

Color Roots

Dark brown braided hair

Dark brown hair with caramel highlights,super french braided hairstyle.

Dark brown

Caramel Hair Color

Beautiful Long brown hair and the caramel charm.

Caramel hair color

Brown Eyed Gorgeous

Cute long Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights - Sexy Long Hairstyle with Bangs 2014 .

brown eyes

Dark Hair

Love this darker color!!!Even with the highlights! liven up your dark hair with some subtle highlights.

Dark hair highlights


Caramel brown highlights with dark brown low lights.

dark brown lowlights

Perfect Caramel Highlights

Carmel peek a boo highlights with dark brown hair

caramel highlights

Beautiful Ombre

Caramel highlights ombre hair. Dark this far down, and let color fade. Pretend my hair the length it is (white out below that length) and this is it!!

ombre brown hair

Unique tone

Dark Hair With Caramel Highlights - Warm reds and coppers- Brown red and soft copper are chosen as warm color.

Brunette hair

Well blended brunette hair color with caramel highlights fixed brassy highlights color correct brown layers

Brunette hair color

New Hair Color

The caramel accent on beautiful hair.Brown hair with chunky multi highlights.

brown hair color

Natural Look

Chocolate brown hair color with dark caramel highlights gives a very, soft natural look. 'Highlights' doesn't necessarily mean blonde!
natural dark brown

Find More Caramel Highlights on Dark Brown Hair


Saturday, March 8, 2014

7 Amazing Rich Shades Of Brown Hair

Some of the greatest brunette shades consist of gorgeous rich auburn,warm red and pretty caramel highlights.
The lightness or darkness of hair color is rated on a range of one to 10,with one being a jet-black and 10 being a platinum blonde.
Most brunettes fall in the two to five range ,allowing them to go lighter or darker.When you go two levels lighter,you’re likely to get a really rich,
warm brown. 
Under dark-medium brown hair are usually a strong red tone.Because brunettes get quite strong underlying red pigments ,adding a dye will raise the top color of the hair and bring out these reddish tones. 

When choosing the perfect shade of brown,take a look at your skin tone first.
All you will need some understanding on perfecting your shade .That starts with matching your brown hue with your skin tone . 

brown hair

Golden Brown

A faint brown, with hints of golden in it, this color looks gorgeous with almost any skin tone. 

Rich Golden Brown

Caramel Brown

Take all the celebrities sporting this color as a cue and get some highlights if not a full mane.Rich chocolate brown and warm caramel is perfect for those with light to medium warm complexions.

caramel brown hair

Auburn Brown

Auburn accents give this brunette a kick! This hair color will look killer with light blue or brown eyes and warm skin tones.

Rich brown auburn

Ash Brown

Cinnamon Churros is a medium ash brown with golden accents.

medium ash brown hair

Chestnut Brown 

Nothing like a deep, dark chestnut brown to make your hair look classy and elegant.
Chestnut Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Chocolate Brown

You can take mousey brown hair and deepen it to a rich chocolate shade.
rich chocolate brown shade

Dark Brown

Deep dark brown that is nearly black shows tons of shine.
rich dark brown hair

Friday, March 7, 2014

7 Cute Hairstyles For Long Hair With Bangs

Long hair styles with bangs are very classic.
This hair cut can easily offers you different appearance based on the way you manage it in ;you will get gorgeous , charming ,and stylish look ,
however you can also be a lot more everyday,cheeky,and vibrant using this types of look.
Long hair styles with bangs are extremely adaptive towards any specific look that could be easily changed into whatever you want.


Hairstyles for long hair with bangs

 long hair with bangs hairstyles

Cute Red Bangs

Thick bangs & long layers.Love this hair,we all wish red wasn't so hard to maintain.
long red bangs

Best face shape and hair type :
Any face shape but your hair stylist definitely will assist you with the perfect face framing and bang length based on your shape.
Hair type needs to be a healthy density,no matter what your length is by using certain natural texture. 

Rich Curl Bangs

Heavy textured bangs and long curls make it even better with rich red color. 

long curly hair with bangs

Best face shape and hair type: 
Any face shape, thanks to the overall length and the bangs!
Most hair types, depending on what your texture and density are like closer to the ends.

Twisted Bangs

Highlights and side twist bangs make it more interesting, especially when there are multiple tones.Check this blonde curly hair,we like how the bangs are twisted back.

long curly twisted bangs styles

Best face shape and hair type:
Oval, some round or square, heart, subtle long.
Most hair types, especially those with some natural texture.

Long Hair And Angled Bangs

Long Hair And Angled Bangs
It’s simple and a classic.You can try fresh color and healthy hair practices.

long layered hair with side bangs

Best face shape and hair type:
Oval, some round or square, long, heart.
Most hair types can have this style,if you have naturally smooth hair, its 

really easy to do.

Shiny Framed Choppy Bangs

Easy to style, easy to maintain.Must need finishing touches with this style outside the bangs.

long choppy layered hair

Best face shape and hair type:
Oval, round, some square, long, heart.
Most hair textures can achieve this style, need extra effort if your hair has a lot of natural texture to it.

Side Swept

Smooth Long hair can be really gorgeous! Side swept bangs and a dark rich color, are perfect combination.

long hair styles with side bangs

Best face shape and hair type:
Oval, round, square, heart or long.
All hair types.

Blunt Fringe

Amazingly stylish hairstyle.Long, layered, loose, free and easy.

long hair bang styles

Best face shape and hair type:
Any face shape, almost any hair type.
If your hair is really fine around the hairline ,still make it looks fashionable instead of tragic.