Friday, June 28, 2013

Top 3 hair trends for 2013

This year, there was no query that wearable looks had a significant existence. That's not to say creativeness wasn't on complete display—we saw new methods to put on your ponytail (think low and wide), braid your braid (try a crisscross direction), smooth your current section and tie a tidy knot(tight!). 
          We thought we’d provide you with our predictions on current hair trends 2013 based on simple and easy to do hairstyles.
How to do those hairstyles?
I guess that is what we all want to know and learn first right?
We have written those steps for you to get the perfect gorgeous look.

Current hair trends 2013

           So Enjoy, and stay tuned with our latest hot updates and how to do this beautiful hairstyles – we will update these hair trends regularly!

Top 3 current hair trends 2013 

1.The Perfect Knot

Perfect knot current hair trends 2013

What you will need: 
-Round or paddle brush; 
-Coated flexible band; 
-6 bobby pins.

How to do perfect knot :-

1. Blow-dry locks sleek with either a large round or paddle brush .
2. Brush locks away from the face and tie into a ponytail using a covered rubber group. 
3. Individual ponytail into two segments and carefully tug to protected the band. 
4.Turn your ponytail end from top to base and then put the end under the knot and protected with bobby hooks. 
5.You have done the most important steps,at last just put a little hairspray and also shining spray to get the perfect tidy knock look .

2.Braids with a twist or messy braids

Current Braids 2013

                 We estimate an improved requirement for wonderful braids- whether it’s easy or complex, for a marriage or a picnic, braids will keep be a well preferred hair style in 2013. Do not think that every braid has to be perfect; actually, we think that the concept of the ‘messy braid’ is here to stay!
Fish tail,messy braids,Dutch braids all are different in styles but you have to apply little tricks to finish it perfectly.

Here we will discuss about side Fishtail Braid which is most popular this year.

Side Fishtail Braid

Side fish tail braid

How to do Side Fishtail Braid :-

This braid, which performs best with long hair,needs a bit of structure for hold; if your locks is straight, provide it with some trend by twisting one-inch segments around a curling iron. Collect your locks to one part in a low ponytail, obtaining it near to the base of your throat with a clear flexible. 

What you will need: 

-Curling iron;
-Clear elastic/flexible;
-Pair of scissors.

1.Separate the ponytail into two segments. Keep one section; with your other part, take a narrow strip of locks from the outside of the other area and carry it over to the one in your part. Do it again...
2.Incorporating locks from one area into the other until you run out of hair; then protected with another flexible. 
3.Finally, with a couple of scissors, properly cut out the top flexible to provide the braid a reduce, informal look.To get done properly, take the braid apart with your fingertips.

3.Straight And Voluminous

Straight And Voluminous hairstyles

Straight locks doesn't have to mean smooth, tedious, basic locks.You can use volume layers also. After blow-drying and hair styling locks with a flat iron, apply spray on both factors of the part and lightly back-comb origins on the edges and top for additional lift.

How to do perfect Straight :-

What you will need: 

-Heat protector, 
-Flat irons, 

straight hairstyles

1. Using a large round hair brush to separate wet locks into segments beginning from underneath. 
2. When you use hairdryer to blow your hair dry,keep it few inches away from the brush. 
3. Use flat iron to achieve smooth locks but make sure to use a hot protection spary.
4. Use a bit of serum to prevent frizz.

5. For best results to keep it perfect all the time,ensure that locks is regularly trimmed. 

perfect Straight hair