Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cute easy braided bun hairstyle for long hair

Let us face it: braided hair bun are the most convenient way to style your everyday hair during any season.The surprise of this chic cute hair bun style? You need to do little more than braid your hair.It performs best with curly hair.That is the way to complete a pretty cute braided hair bun hairstyle which doesn't require very long to do !  
Be playful making this wonderful,cute easy braided lower bun hairstyle in 3 minutes.

hair bun hairstyles for long hair
Perfect hairstyle combination ideas for :-

Braided | hair bun | hairstyles for long hair

  Super cute and quick hairstyle for teens,youthful hairstyle for the busy ladies.

   You can try braided hair bun for long to medium hair.
Hair Types:-
   It works best with naturally curly hair, or begin by curling straight hair.
   Curly hair

  Easiest braid hairstyles with bun;so called "Braided Bun"
   Bun Braid

Special Occasion:-
 Looking for Cute,easy to-do hairstyle for a special or formal occasion? Simple,quick everyday and homecoming hairstyles for long hair to medium length.
   Homecoming hairstyles Everyday hairstyles
Skill level:-
 Simple Hair How-To:braided bun.It's really easy to do braided bun     hairstyling tutorial with Step-by-Step Instructions.

  braided hair bun 

Items Needed:
All you need for this easy braided hair bun tutorial is -
  • a hair tie, 
  • bobby pins 
  • and a butterfly clip/hair grip.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

easy braided hair bun tutorial

Cute braided hair bun for long hair tutorial
cute braided bun 

Please feel free to leave me a comment below letting us know what you think of this 3 Minutes easy braided hair bun tutorial. As always, if you loved doing braided hair bun please feel free to share it and check our bun hairstyles gallery and tutorials for recent updates.

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