Thursday, December 5, 2013

2 Perfect Ways to Dye Hair At Home

Your perfect hair color? 
If you asked me what dye hair  will work best for you, I'd have to tell you that this is one of those areas that require a one-on-one, face-to-face consultation. 
Choosing the perfect color isn't as easy as it looks. 


dye hair

dye hair color
Dye hair color chart
I remember years ago when the whole season/color thing was in fashion. From the color of your skin, eyes, and so on, some well-trained, well-intentioned person would tell you if you were a spring, summer, fall, or winter. Whether there's any truth in this approach is not something that I would dare to go into here. But as I said earlier, I believe corrective dye hair color or a drastic change in color should be done by a pro. 

red dye Hair
Dark Red Brown Hair Dry

cute dye hair
Cute Dye Hair

dye hair color
Celebrity dye hair color

purple dye hair
Purple Dye Hair
 There are a few other things we can discuss here, though: two products that you'll really love. 

Streaking Kits 

Streaking your hair at Home ,the first product I want to talk about is those streaking kits that you see on the shelves. Those products really do work.

Streaking Kits

The truth is, I did all those streaking commercials for Clairol a few years ago, remember the ones with the girls having a streaking party. I never paid much attention to the party concept because I was too busy making sure my twenty clients were all happy. Yeah. You cannot believe how many people show up for some of these things, and everyone, I mean everyone, has an opinion. It's really nuts, and that's the truth. 

hair highlighting
Highlighting kit
I'm not mad at anyone; I love doing hair commercials because they're so challenging. But those advertising agencies hire way too many people, and very few, if any, know anything about hair!  

Anyway, I did those commercials, and those hair highlighting kits do work. The trick is, 
  • You have to read all the instructions. 
  • Read read read, and then read them again. They have it all written out for you, really they do, they have done a great job of it. 
  • So pay attention to the details when you decide to give your hair a little oomph! 
Streaking Kits

Hair Dye Stains 

The other products for hair dry are the semi permanent ones that stain your hair. Now, I have used these many times in the past, mostly to match hair extensions for a client. They are great for this, but for you, I think that they're great in between colorings, like for touch-ups. The semi permanent glosses are also great for exact color matches.

hair dye stains

Let's say you are two weeks into your color and you are starting to see roots. That nasty regrowth is coming back, and you are busy, but you really need to do some-thing because you have something important to do, or you just don't want to look at those roots (or let anyone else look at them). 

No worries. Just find the temporary color that's the same as the color you are using. (They are matched numerically the same way as permanent color.) This product comes in a mousse, so it's really easy to apply. 

  • Semi permanent stains last anywhere from two to six weeks, depending on the type of hair you use it on. On resistant gray hair, it usually lasts in the two-week range.
  • But on porous, damaged hair, like all other hair products, it will stain your hair and might never come out! 

The good news is, you need to buy these types of products at the beauty supply store, and usually, I said usually, they have someone on staff that knows what they are talking about. If you're in doubt about color or type, ask.