Friday, March 14, 2014

6 Amazing Honey Blonde Hair Colors

Probably the most widely used hair color idea is the "Honey blond hair"
No matter what the season of the year or even the occasion is .The honey blonde hair color produces an attractive and cheerful edge look and it will work great on a mousy and light brown hair .
In case you’re certainly one of the lucky girls with this type of hair then listed below are some honey blonde hair color ideas for you !

Honey Blonde

Honey Bronde Hair Color! The perfect combination of golden blonde and brown hues. 

Honey Bronde Hair Color

Honey Brown

Rich honey brown shade with caramel highlights.So pretty.

honey brown shade highlights

Super warm brown with a few bright highlights.Highlights this summer, any opinions would be great choice.

warm brown with a few bright highlights

Honey Brown Hair Color 

Honey Brown Hair color has always been in fashion. Together with the beauty of the girl has been wonderful.

Honey Brown Hair color

Medium Blonde  

Honey brown is a rich medium brown full of warm overtones and topped with a swirl of honey.This works exceptionally well on women with warm skin, but cool skinned ladies don't be afraid to try it out.

medium honey blonde hair color

Dark Honey Blonde

They use caramel and honey shades to customize their hair color to their warm skin. Brown hair to blonde hair for warm skin tones.Caramel blonde is the absolute best color you can choose simply because caramel naturally has brown blended into it. These hints of brown are exactly what you need to match your hair to your skin tone.  
Lots of Peekaboo highlights! we should do something similar with caramel and blonde!

dark honey blonde hair color idea,Peekaboo highlights

Golden Honey Blonde 

Rose Gold Blonde Blake Lively mixes golden,honey, and apricot hues to create the multidimensional color. She finishes with nearly ivory highlights around the front to brighten her face. Because the lowlights underneath are prone to fading. 

Golden Honey Blonde hair