Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Best Hair Colors For Blonde,Brunette,Red,Black With Blue Eyes

If you have eye blue you should know, not all hair color that will work for you.
Find the best hair color for a new look to complement your sparkling blue eyes it is 
actually quite simple. 

Bring Out the Blond
Many different blonde shades complements blue eyes .Ash blonde is quite light however a little more subtle while Platinum and icy blondes are the palest.

platinum blonde hair

Golden Medium blonde color

Become a Bold Brunette
Boost the blue hue in your eyes by accentuating your eyes as a brunette .
If you're a natural brunette ,it is possible to go darker or lighter ,avoid mousy brown .
Just a single change of shade will make a huge difference in enhancing your blue eyes . Generally choose a dimensional color that creates more shine to your hair .

Shiny is attractive and natural looking hair is pretty . 

dark brown hair for brunette

Red is an outstanding hair color on women with blue eyes .Deeper ,darker reds and rich auburns are great options
The brighter the easier to flatter your pale skin tone and rev up the color of your eyes . 

Red auburn hair color

red auburn with blue eyes

Brighten Up Blue Eyes With Black Hair
Blue eyes pop with black hair ,even though this color is very thrilling as well as can make your skin look too pale . 

blue eyes black hair

balck hair blue eyes for plae skin

Tips : Ideal tips whenever going black : Don't ever allow it look dry or boring . Choose the shine and keep it shiny with the proper hair products.